Walk In Baths

We have all 4 models in the Windsor Walk In Baths range on display in our showroom.  The Access model is with the additional hydrotherapy function.

We like to provide a personalised viewing experience and ask that you contact us to make an appointment with our bath specialist to ensure you are the only clients in the showroom during this time.

We recommend allowing at least 1 hour so you can sit in each model.

Feel free to bring your Occupational Therapist with you so they can better understand the benefits of this product for your specific health care needs.

Walk In Baths

Sierra Lay Down model
Compact Sit Down model
Access Sit Down model
Independent Sit Down model

Walk In Baths Suitability

These baths have been specifically designed for wheelchair users, the aged community and anyone caring for someone with physical and mental disabilities.

The Compact model is small enough to fit into a standard shower.  By removing the existing shower screen, this Compact model can be placed over your existing shower base.  Plumbing modifications will need to be undertaken to connect it up however, you will not need to undertake a full bathroom modification to use this model.

The Access model can also be placed over your existing shower base by removing the shower screen.  You may need to remove and reinstate the door architraves to get this model into the room however, you may not need to undertake a full bathroom modification with this model.  The Independent model is certainly well worth the investment but due diligence needs to be used when considering this model as you may experience difficulties getting this model into the bathroom.


The Your Solution team are experienced with installing these Walk In Baths.  We are happy to work with your builder or our in-house team can install for you.  Feel free to email us admin@yoursolution.net.au with your existing floor plans, dimensions and photos.

NDIS & Aged Care Funding

All models in the Windsor Bath range are registered with NDIS and have  a provider number.  Please talk with our team regarding the specific key points required to be included in your report to assist you with your NDIS & Aged Care funding application as we are happy to assist you as much as possible.

Walk in bath
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