Shower Systems

Replace your old water saving shower head from the 80’s.  You know the one.  It makes you dance around your shower to even get wet.  You can replace it without the need to renovate your entire bathroom and still save on water consumption.
Give your family the luxury of both a fixed overhead shower head and a removable hand shower so you can wash your children without getting saturated yourself or, wash your body without getting your hair wet.  Our twin shower systems are available in a variety of finishes and styles.  We even have two toned ones.
Sick of freezing when someone turns the tap on in the kitchen, or the washing machine is running, or worried the children will scald themselves?  A Therm-Oz system added to your existing shower/bath taps or new build is Your Solution.
Looking to sell and just want a cosmetic upgrade?  Replacing your existing shower head and bathroom tapware at an affordable price can add thousands to your sell price.

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