Waste, bath/basin concrete


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The Waste, bath/basin concrete has been manufactured specifically to match the Jada bath and basin.
It has a smooth dome like finish.
The 40mm has a pull out feature allowing for quick and easy removal designed as a safety precaution.
The universal 32mm/40mm has a pop-up concrete cap.

Waste, bath/basin concrete – Specifications

  • Size = 70mm cap diameter x 40mm thread diameter x 55mm height (cap closed)
  • Finish = warm grey
  • Cap Material = concrete with food-grade nano sealant
  • Remaining Material = solid brass
  • Feature = entire top section of waste pulls out for easy cleaning and drainage
  • Overflow = no

Technical Specifications –  F1WAS72CC

Technical Specifications – F1WAS79CC

Click Here to view the Jada Basin

Click Here to view the Jada Bath

When choosing a waste plug, don’t get too confused.  The oldest style is the type where you have a removable plug, usually in rubber.  The next oldest style is the button waste where you can see two sections of the waste plug and you press the centre button and the plug pops up (these can be difficult to clean and can get clogged up quite easily) and then you have the most recently released style call the mushroom or dome waste.  There are two versions of this style, one that the cap screws off for cleaning and the other where the whole centre section pulls out for a much easier cleaning experience.

There has also been a new regulation around bath wastes and the cap now either needs to pull out or push down.  This measure has been introduced to improve its safety.

Size32mm, 40mm


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