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This Vivo Toilet Suite is a wall faced unit with a single hole tornado whirlpool flush.
It is suitable for either an S-trap or P-trap installation.
Wall faced suites are designed with both the pan and the cistern sitting flush against the wall.
The design also eliminates any gaps or crevices from the external area of the toilet, making it much easier to clean.
With the rimless pan, there is nowhere for bacteria or grime to build up, and makes the pan also easier to clean.
Flushing performance is also more efficient and washes the complete bowl.

Vivo Toilet Suite – Specifications

  • Size = 360mm wide x 660mm deep x 845mm high
  • Pan = 360mm wide x 660mm deep x 430mm high (excluding seat)
  • Trap = S-trap 75-180 | P-trap 180
  • Type = wall faced
  • Finish = white gloss
  • Material = ceramic
  • Flush Button = rectangle, dual flush, chrome | matte black
  • Seat = soft close, quick release
  • Water Inlet = bottom right
  • Water = 4.5 litre full flush | 3 litre half flush
  • WELS = Reg L07515

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Terms of Warranty

ECT GLOBAL Pty Ltd A.B.N. 70095343123 (ECT) warrants to the original purchase of the product that under
proper care, use and maintenance.
ECT Toilet suites have 15 year products or parts replacement warranty, and 12 months warranty on labour form the original date of purchase.
There is a 3 year replacement for toilet valves; 1 year replacement for seat and hinges, flush pipes and button.
This warranty is subject to the conditions and exclusions set out below.
The warranty date is in addition to other rights and remedies that you have under Australian law.

Warranty Conditions & Exclusions – please refer to the ECT Global product specific items

Cleaning Instructions

When cleaning only use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
No harsh detergents to be used, as this can affect the performance of the soft closing mechanism.

Removal of Seat

Lifting the lid and seat vertically allows you to press the button/buttons and lift for easy cleaning and refitting.

Purpose of Soft Close

Do not force the seat and lid down, as this will affect the soft closing mechanism.
The toilet seat and lid should be allowed to fall on their own after every use.
Forcing the seat or lid closed will void the warranty.
If you require the toilet seat to stay upright, you need to lift the lid first and then the seat.

Button FinishChrome, Matte Black


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