Toilet Back Rest

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The Toilet Back Rest is AS 1428.1 wheelchair accessible compliant.
It can only be used in conjunction with the Care Toilet Suites that have an extended section from the back of the seat to the cistern.
It has a soft cushion pad to make toileting with a disability more comfortable.

Toilet Back Rest – Specifications

  • Size = 512mm centre of wall cover plates
  • Size = 380mm wide at top of back rest
  • Size = 180mm high back rest
  • Size = 247mm top of back rest to centre of wall cover plates
  • Material = 304 stainless steel, satin
  • Grab Bar Diameter = 32mm
  • Fixings = concealed
  • Included = wall mounting screws, rubber hygiene seals

Technical Specifications & Brochure

Compatible Care Toilet Suites

Delta Care Toilet Suite

Isabella Care Toilet Suite

Stella Care Toilet Suite

Designing your Care Bathroom

Spatial layouts are critical in the design of accessible compliant toilets and must include adequate circulation space within the room for wheelchair access, as well as installation of components at the correct heights, in accordance with AS1428.1-2009.  The same guidelines can be adopted for residential care bathrooms.
Figures A and B show a sample layout for an accessible compliant commercial toilet room.
This drawing is to be used as a guide only.
Please refer to AS1428.1-2009 and 2010 amendments for detailed requirements and measurements.
Independent assessment and approval must be undertaken by suitably qualified consultants to ensure compliance with the Australian Standards and any applicable building codes.



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