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Sentor Bath, freestand back to wall corner


The Sentor Bath is square set, meaning all sides are straight.  It has a tile lip on two sides but can be installed after the tiles have been laid.

Category: Bath, Bathroom, Sale Items
Tags: acrylic, Back to Wall, Bath, Corner Bath, freestanding

  • Sizes = 1500mm | 1650mm
  • Style = square set, tile lip
  • Type = freestanding back-to-wall, corner
  • Finish = gloss white
  • Material = UV stabilised sanitary-grade acrylic
  • Frame = inbuilt steel support
  • Legs = adjustable steel
  • Overflow = no
  • Waste = chrome pop-up/pull-out included
  • Gross Weight = 55kg | 59kg
Bath Length1500mm, 1650mm
CornerLeft Hand, Right Hand


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