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Sansa Wall Mixer


The 65mm diameter round or 70mm square cover plate would generally be used for a new build.  Use dress kit when replacing your existing shower/bath mixer when access to the plumbing behind the wall is not required (sold separately).

Category: Bathroom, Bathroom Tapware, Tapware, Wall Mixer
Tags: two tone, wall mixer

  • Soft rectangular handle
  • Designed for shower or bath
  • 5 colour options
  • 5 round or square cover plate options
  • Made from solid brass
  • High quality European cartridge (35mm)
  • No WELS rating
  • Dress Kits also available for this product (no back end), sold separately

Please note, these products may have a visible Fienza or Watermark logo

Ideally you would use the smaller cover plate for a new build or if you are changing over an existing wall mixer and you don’t need to gain access to the back end plumbing (behind the wall).

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