• Size = 245mm wide x 165mm high x 8mm thick
  • Finish = chrome | gloss white | matte black | stainless steel | brushed nickel | gun metal | urban brass
  • Shape = round buttons + rounded cornered plate | square buttons + square cornered plate | round raised buttons + square cornered plate
  • Operating Pressure = 10-1000kpa
  • Fits = 90mm stud wall
  • HDPE one piece tank
  • WELS 4 Star rated, 4.5L/3L (3.3L average flush)
  • WELS Registration: L06743
  • Note = round raised buttons only suitable for pneumatic in wall cistern

Technical Specifications – square buttons

Technical Specifications – round buttons

Technical Specifications – pneumatic buttons

Not sure of the difference between ‘pneumatic’ or standard flush?????  Give us a call and we shall explain

Basically, pneumatic buttons use air pressure to release the water from the in-wall cistern.  They are generally louder than the standard flush cycle however, they are more suited to certain situations like when using in care bathrooms and/or mobile bathrooms such as caravans and motor homes.

The flush button is the access point to the internal mechanics of the cistern and therefore, the size is important.  If they are too small, you will not be able to access behind the wall to undertake any maintenance that may become necessary.  Please also look at the warranty of the cistern you select.


Flush Button Plates = 2yr replacement parts or product residential | 1yr replacement parts or product commercial
*excludes parts subject to wear and tear such as rubber seals