Rectangular Mirror


This Rectangular Mirror is quick and easy to install.  12 different size options. Mount or glue on options in some sizes.

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The Rectangular Mirror is available in 12 size options.
Fienza mirrors are treated with resin emulsion paint to prevent moisture from getting behind the mirror.
This helps prevent black spots of corrosion forming around the edges.
All Fienza wall mirrors are 5mm thick to ensure quality and durability.
There is also the option of a straight edge or bevel edge in some designs to suit your bathroom style.

Arch Mirror – Specifications

  • Sizes = 450x600mm | 600x750mm | 750x750mm | 900x600mm | 900x750mm | 900x900mm
  • Sizes = 1200x800mm | 1200x900mm | 1500x800mm | 1500x900mm | 1800x800mm | 1800x900mm
  • Backing = CAT acrylic backing & resin emulsion painted
  • Edge = polished pencil | bevel
  • Glass = 5mm thick
  • Copper Free = yes, to prevent corrosion
  • Install = 3 mounting brackets included | glue-on
  • Install = portrait | landscape


Click Here to view the round mirror


Glass = 1 year replacement parts or product residential & commercial

Mirror Cabinets

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Size120x80cm, 120x90cm, 150x80cm, 150x90cm, 180x80cm, 180x90cm, 45x60cm, 60x75cm, 75x75cm, 90x60cm, 90x75cm, 90x90cm
EdgePencil, Bevel
MountBrackets, Glue


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