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Pill Concrete Basin


The Pill Basin is the perfect designer finish for the modern bathroom.  With sleek rounded edges and ultra fine concrete walls, this contemporary concrete sink is the showpiece to elevate your space.

Category: Basins, Bathroom
Tags: Basin, Concrete Basin

**on display in our showroom, mint**

  • Material = UHP Concrete
  • Finish = Matte/Low Sheen
  • Weight = 12kg
  • Dimensions = Long 580mm x Wide 380mm x High 115mm
  • Bowl Capacity = 12.7L
  • Tap Hole = none
  • Overflow = not available
  • Waste =  32mm or 40mm Standard (not included)
  • Warranty = 24 months
  • Waste hole = 46mm diameter
  • Wall thickness = 8mm
  • Mount Options = surface, wall, stand
  • Mount to frame behind wall before tiling
  • Special Notes = all dimensions are estimate. We suggest waiting until receiving Nood Co.
    basin before cutting holes in cabinetry items. Colours of concrete may vary slightly.
  • Wall Hung Bracket = L342mm x W310mm x H92mm


DESIGN – By improving the strength, we were able to design the worlds first contemporary basin and furniture range.
A unique range that gives scope for a whole new way to explore bathroom design.

INCREASED MPA TO ENSURE STRONG PIECES – 24 month structural warranty.

A SOLID COLOURING SYSTEM – Nood Co. concrete is pigmented with 100% chemical free colour, so the basins are 100% coloured throughout.

COLOUR CONSISTENCY AND VOLUME – Nood Co. has developed a manufacture process that ensures a volume order will have an unbeatable consistency in colour and patina, removing the issue of concrete and its random nature. So what you purchase, is what appears at your doorstep.

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