Miro LED Mirror, 1800


Remer Miro is a feature-rich, cutting edge, and uber-luxurious collection. It is a piece of art in the form of a mirror to embellish your bathroom space. The rectangle mirror is highly functional yet a super chic piece for your bathroom space. This futuristic mirror is akin to a wall décor that is very sensibly crafted.

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The rectangle Miro LED Mirror, 1800 is supremely upmarket yet remains clean and basic.
It does not go excessive with too much detailing and is not complex in design.
The rectangle LED mirror is optimal and minimally designed.
All four sides of the rectangle are lit up, emphasising the lighting and bringing out the depth and precision within the space it has been installed.
Distinctively sleek and practical, the Remer Miro series smart mirror is one of our bestsellers that has withstood the test of time.
The large backlit mirror is naturally gravitational and it always charms its audience at first glance.
Minimal in its design, this LED bathroom mirror with light does not overpower with prestige, but rather enhances the beauty of its space.
The Miro series are backlit in design with frosted glass edges that the light shines through, elevating the space to a new level. It truly reflects refinement in the Remer way!

Miro LED Mirror, 1800 – Specifications

  • Dimensions = 1800mm wide x 850mm high x 40mm deep (standard)
  • Dimensions = 1800mm wide x 850mm high x 59mm deep (with bluetooth)
  • Dimensions = 1800mm wide x 850mm high x 50mm deep (with magnifier)
  • Options = with or without bluetooth speakers | with or without magnifier
  • Copper Free
  • Backlit LED adjustable colour temperature
  • Touch Sensor
  • Demister with 1hr auto cut off
  • Warranty = 5 years

Technical Specifications

Click Here to view the 900mm wide mirror

FeaturesBluetooth, Magnifier, Standard


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