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Kaya Wall Mixer + Diverter


The 65mm/45mm diameter cover plates would generally be used for a new build and the 150mm diameter cover plate would be used when replacing your existing shower/bath mixer when access to the plumbing behind the wall is required.  If you are not changing the back end, you could purchase just the front end kit for both the small and large cover plate options.

Category: Bathroom, Bathroom Tapware, Tapware, Wall Mixer
Tags: diverter, two tone, wall mixer

  • Pin lever handle either up down (6 Oclock) facing
  • Cover plate either 2 x small round or 1 x large round
  • 5 standard colours options
  • 5 cover plate colour options
  • Made from solid brass
  • High quality European cartridge (35mm)
  • Suitable for mains pressure, max. 500kpa
  • No WELS rating

Please note, these products may have a visible Fienza or Watermark logo

Ideally you would use the smaller cover plates for a new build and the larger cover plate option would be considered if you are changing over an existing wall mixer and you need to gain access to the back end plumbing (behind the wall).  The larger cover plate would allow you to remove tiles, create a bigger access hole and then cover the hole up with the bigger cover plate.  If you are not intending on changing or need access to the plumbing behind the wall, you should select the dress kit only.

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