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Independent Bath, walk-in-sit-down


This bath has been specifically designed with the disability and aged care of our community in mind.  It have upgrade options and is NDIS approved.  We can assist you with the renovations to rip out the old bath and install this new bath
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**on display in our Showroom, standard model, no taps, no hydro**
Please call, 70687680 to make a booking to view this product

The Independent Bath, walk-in-sit-down is designed for people who are finding it difficult to safely use a normal bath and want to shower and bathe in the one capsule.
They are commonly used as a combined shower base and bath, quite often located in existing shower areas.
With the optional hydrotherapy air-spa system upgrade, the user has an in-house, true hydrotherapy spa system to alleviate pains from arthritic and similar conditions.
The system purges itself between uses to minimise the chance of cross or reinfection.
This bath has an NDIS provider #68420686.
We can assist your Occupational Therapist with specific information to include in the report for funding this product.

Independent Bath, walk-in-sit-down – Specifications

  • Size = 1520mm wide x 795mm deep x 1066mm high
  • Door = water-tight, extra wide, outward opening, easy access and transfer in and out
  • Door Hinge = left | right
  • Wheelchair Accessible = yes
  • Step In = yes, 340mm high
  • Seat = yes, cushion, suction, marine grade foam
  • Headrest = yes, cushion, suction, marine grade foam
  • Water Outlet = fast flow, 30 litres per minute
  • Taps = standard, open & close quarter-turn (hot & cold)
  • Mixer = advanced, hot & cold combined
  • Drain = large for rapid emptying
  • Overflow = yes, built-in to avoid accidental overfilling
  • Front Door Panel = removable, so floor-based hoists can be accommodated for
  • Side Panels = removable, so tap set can be installed and access to pump if required
  • Hydrotherapy Spa System = optional extra (IPx5 rated power point required – can easily be installed by a licenced electrician)
  • Cleaning = spa system, self-cleaning and warm air based
  • Spa Air Jets = 16 qty, warm air based, dispense air on the side (not centre) to avoid the risk of bruising sensitive skin
  • Grab Bar = optional extra (M1MRGR30)
  • Assembled in Australia from local and imported components
  • Material = long lasting fibreglass & stainless-steel
  • Installation = licensed plumber, a major remodelling may not be required
  • Stand Alone = yes, can be added and removed when required eg: take it with you when moving home
  • Can fit in most existing bath spaces, some shower spaces and laundries
  • Warranty = 3 years parts, 1 year labour

The benefits of a Windsor walk-in bath

  • Safer and more comfortable bathing
  • Supports independence and gives you freedom to stay in your own home longer
  • Assists in pain management, soothing away aches and pains eg: arthritis
  • Relaxes you for a good night sleep
  • Easier personal hygiene management
  • Enhances mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Reduces the physical caregiving stress for the carer

Technical Specifications – Independent Walk-In Bath

Installation Guide – Independent Walk-In Bath

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StyleHydrotherapy Feature, Standard Model


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