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The Remer range of LED mirror cabinets have the largest demister pad in the current market.  They are the market leader in technology and functions and certainly will add value to any room.

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The Capsule LED Mirror Cabinet puts lighting first and foremost.
It replicates the shape of the bestselling Gatsby mirror, with the added functionality of storage.
Capsule is frontlit to illuminate your face, with a demister to ensure there is nothing obstructing the view after a hot shower.
With every function activated by touch, the Capsule can be semi-recessed.
Perfect for small and large spaces alike, the streamlined look is set to make a statement.
The built-in demister defogs the cabinet’s glass of any residue.
This LED contemporary bathroom mirror cabinet combines visionary technology with versatility and elegance.
The LED mirror has a lifespan way beyond regular LED-light enabled round mirrors.
Not only are these LED mirrors very low on maintenance they are equally very high on efficiency.

Capsule LED Mirror Cabinet – specifications

  • Size = 450mm wide x 900mm high x 143mm deep
  • Copper Free
  • Frontlit LED (6500K daylight)
  • Demister/anti fog with 1hr auto cut off
  • Touch sensor
  • Door = Soft close
  • Mirror = single sided
  • Hinge = left
  • Shelves = 2 qty adjustable, glass
  • Hardwired = yes

Technical Specifications

Installation Manual

Designed with dimly lit bathrooms in mind, the LED mirror cabinet lights up your face, making makeup and manscaping applications effortless.
With an in-built demister that defogs the cabinet after a hot shower, always see your perfect reflection.
This cabinet has been specifically designed so it can be recessed into the wall and therefore create additional space saving solutions.

SizeSize 10 = 150cm, Size 5 = 75cm, Size 6 = 90cm, Size 8 = 120cm


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