Bravo Bath, freestand


This Bravo Bath is free standing and will compliment any bathroom.

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Bravo Bath, freestand – Specifications

Technical Specifications

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This bath is made from acrylic material making it easy to clean and highly resistant to discolouration.
Like all acrylic products they usually withstand normal wear and tear.  If a heavy object was to drop on the bath, it may create damage and cause the bath to fracture or break.
It is normal to see small scratches appear.  If you use non-abrasive cleaning products with a soft damp cloth to clean it will reduce the risk of harsh scratching.


Bath Shells = 5 years against loss of water through the fiberglass laminate of the tub body as a result of a defect in materials and workmanship.
Waste = 1 year
Acrylic Surface = 5 years against cracking and chipping resulting from a defect in the acrylic surface material.
Scratches are not covered under warranty.


Bath Length1500mm, 1700mm


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