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The smaller Sierra model bath is on display in our showroom.  Love having a bath but getting difficult to get into and out of your standard lay down bath?  This is your sleek and stylish alternative.  NDIS approved and perfectly designed for anyone with disabilities.  Shipped Australia wide.  We can also install for you.

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The Acacia Bath, walk-in-lay-down allows you to enjoy a lay-down bath without needing to step into it.
Do you remember the last time you were able to enjoy a long, hot soak to get rid of any aches, pain or stress without having to worry about how to hop in and out of the bath?
Now you can enjoy the bath again thanks to Windsor Bath’s Acacia lay-down walk-in bath.
They allow you to enjoy that good soak again in comfort and safety.
By replacing your current traditional bath, which may now be awkward and difficult to use, you can now return to bathing like you’re used to.
Installing an Acacia Bath, walk-in-lay-down in the same place as your current traditional bathtub means that the same water and drainage points can be used to reduce installation costs.
With a simple in-swinging door (either left or right sided), non-slip floors and a stylish design, our Acacia model is extremely safe and accessible.
With the option of a shower screen add on, you can also use the lay-down bath as a shower basin, so you don’t have to choose between a bath or a shower if you love both.
Our Acacia lay-down walk-in bath is an ideal way to future proof your bathroom.

Acacia Bath, walk-in-lay-down – Specifications

  • Size = 17000mm long x 750mm deep x 610mm high
  • Water Outlet = fast flow, 30 litres per minute (standard and advanced tap set options only)
  • Door = water tight, inward opening, left | right
  • Wheelchair Accessible = yes
  • Drain = large for rapid emptying
  • Hydrotherapy Spa System = optional extra (IPx5 rated power point required – can easily be installed by a licenced electrician)
  • Self Cleaning Spa System = yes
  • Air Based = yes, warm air
  • Tapware Options = none | standard | advanced
  • Spa air jets dispense air on the side (not centre) to avoid the risk of bruising sensitive skin
  • Grab Bar = yes, optional 300mm wide
  • Assembled in Australia from local and imported components
  • Construction = long lasting fibreglass & stainless-steel
  • Warranty = 3-year, parts & labour
  • Installation = licensed plumber
  • Stand Alone = yes, can be added & removed easily eg: take it with you when moving home
  • Can fit in most existing bath spaces, some shower spaces and laundries

The benefits of a Windsor walk-in bath

  • Safer and more comfortable bathing
  • Supports independence and gives you freedom to stay in your own home longer
  • Spa model, assists in pain management, soothing away aches and pains eg: arthritis
  • Spa model, relaxes you for a good night sleep
  • Easier personal hygiene management
  • Enhances mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Reduces the physical caregiving stress for the carer

Technical Specifications

Click Here to view the grab bar

Click Here to view the advanced tapware set

Click Here to view the matching rail shower

StyleHydrotherapy Feature, Standard Model
Tap SetAdvanced Tap Set, No Taps, Standard Tap Set


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